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About Us

Established in 1997, the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) plays a key role in identifying current and future skills needs of enterprises, advising the Irish Government on these needs.  It has a central role in ensuring that labour market needs for skilled workers are anticipated and met. 

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation provides the EGFSN with research and secretariat support.

The SOLAS Skills and Labour Market Research Unit provides the Group with data, analysis and research and manages the National Skills Database.  The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation provides the Group with research and secretariat support.  The Group’s work programme is managed by the Head of Secretariat based in the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.  The EGFSN’s budget comes from the National Training Fund.


The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs provides advice to Government on skills issues impacting enterprise through:

  • Carries out research, analysis and horizon scanning in relation to emerging skills requirements at thematic and sectoral levels. Steering Groups comprising of experts from relevant enterprise sectors and the education and training sector may oversee sectoral research studies to be undertaken or commissioned by the EGFSN. Drawing on statistical input and analysis from the SLMRU and consultation with the enterprise/education experts as part of the study, draft reports setting out the projected needs are prepared by the EGFSN.
  • Engages with the HEA, SOLAS, QQI, the Regional Education Fora, education and training providers in the course of its research.
  • Engage with DES, HEA, SOLAS and other relevant bodies to produce agreed action plans to address the skills needs identified.
  • Submits the findings of its research and agreed Action Plans to the National Skills Council prior to publication.
  • Disseminates its findings to the Regional Skills Fora and other relevant groups.