Construction Skills to 2030

We are currently undertaking a study on the demand and nature of the Irish Construction sector’s skills needs in the period to 2030.


Framed by national strategies such as the Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness, Project Ireland 2040, and the built environment elements of the Climate Action Plan, the objectives of this study are twofold:

  • To identify the nature and quantity of the scale of the skills needs of the Construction Sector to 2030. This will include the development of construction skills demand forecasts based on a number of assumptions, including assumptions related to enhancing the sector’s productivity and environmental sustainability, as well as realisation of the targets set out in prevailing national strategies; and
  • To develop a suite of recommendations that can be drawn upon to ensure that the future skills needs of the Construction sector are fully addressed by stakeholders through the education and training system, as well as any other relevant sources of skills supply.


The project is currently underway and will be completed in Q2 2020.